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I'm James,
a Los Angeles based

In a fast paced world driven by multi-hyphenate creatives,
I bring a modern versatility to my work. My experience ranges from ux/ui, to product, to social branding, to pitch deck design. This is all tied together by my decade of experience as a filmmaker and the video, photography, and visual storytelling experience that comes with it.  I love the challenge of creating solutions that not only look beautiful, but also work seamlessly.

Roam Studio App

Case Study

I took an established brand's website and designed a mobile application prototype.

Roam Studio Journal

Journal Website Design

As a growing small business, I designed a branded journal to expand the brand's identity and better connect with the consumers.
MacBook Pro 16.png


Film Portfolio Site

As a film production company, we re-designed their site to highlight Paracosm's visually evocative projects to prospective clients.
Frame 4989.png


MedTech Startup Site

As an early-stages med-tech startup we built a site to identify the problem space and lay out how Vasowatch's solution fills a specific market need for potential collaborators and investors.


Case Study

As local bookstores compete with easy-to-use corporations, we designed a solution to better connect local stores to consumers who want to support small businesses.
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