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Performed in-depth research into topics for feature length film scripts set in locations across the world. 


Turned research into meaningful characters, story ideas, dialogue. 

Conducted background research on topics for documentary productions. This included: archival material, cold calling potential subjects, talking to experts, and personal research.


Lead shoots as Producer & Director of crews ranging in size and support with budgets from micro to large budget productions.


Pursued opportunities in different roles on set to find a better understanding of what each different department does and how they operate. 

Coordinated multi-faceted productions to stay on schedule, under budget, and produce deliverables on-time. 


Derived script ideas from various sources of inspiration: art, literature, personal experiences.  


Brainstormed  ideas to explore and develop upon into feature scripts.

Expanded upon initial ideas into broader outlines, storyboards, and more developed character arcs. 

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